Welcome to <span>Hung Vuong Institute</span>
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Welcome to Hung Vuong Institute

Preparing the Youth for the Future Since 1975


Martial Arts


Developing Character

Respect, Integrity, Indomitable Spirit


Achieving Goals

About Us

Who we are:

With a legacy of 45 years and growing our school has trained and developed and shaped young minds to become better, stronger, and more confident in leading a life of character and commitment not only for themselves but for the betterment of society.

We are a family owned and operated organization now in its second generation aiming to give back to the community and families we serve. Our environment fosters respect, honesty, discipline, and charity.

We educate our members in leading a balanced lifestyle through martial arts, academics, leadership and ethics.

What we do:

Hung Vuong Institute’s martial arts program not only includes physical training but also focuses on character, teamwork, and academics.

Hung Vuong teaches the martial arts of Taekwondo and Kungfu. Students typically attend 2-3 training sessions a week.

Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, literally translates to “the art of hand and foot.” This martial art is appropriate for all ages and skill levels. Taekwondo is practiced world wide and an Olympic sport. Students train in the basics of Taekwondo and apply their knowledge with forms and sparring.

When students obtain a Hung Vuong Black Belt, they also receive an internationally recognized World Taekwondo Kukkiwon Black Belt Certificate. Furthermore, Hung Vuong incorporates Kungfu into its martial arts curriculum at the advanced levels with traditional forms and various weapons.

A unique aspect of Hung Vuong’s philosophy is the emphasis on charity and academics. Respect, honesty, and discipline are inherent characteristics of martial arts. Students are encouraged to develop these characteristics and excel in all aspects of their lives.