Dear Grandmasters, Masters, and Fellow Members of the Martial Arts Community,

Pham Family

It is in the spirit of the New Year that we are inviting you and your school to the 31st Tet Open Taekwondo Championships. Tet is the Vietnamese name for the Lunar New Year, or as some may call the Chinese New Year. As with any holiday, it is a time to celebrate family, fun, and good fortune.

Before we tell you more about this year’s tournament, we would like to take a moment to thank the participants for their contribution to the success and enjoyment of our 2019 event. Of course, we cannot forget our dedicated volunteers that helped make possible such a successful tournament.

We contribute our profits from this tournament to charity. Among the many that we contribute to, we have worked with the non-profit organization, VNHELP for over 20 years. VNHELP is a non-profit, tax- exempt, charitable organization dedicated to assisting children, families, and communities in Vietnam through self-help programs in the areas of education and health care, and to promoting cultural exchange between Vietnam and the United States.

We look forward to a fair and fun competition as well as sharing a part of our culture and festivities with you. It is through our openness and sharing with one another that we build a stronger future for our martial arts community.

Grandmaster Khue Huy Pham
Master Maryhien Pham
Master Julie Pham
Master Cassidy Young